Sunday, February 26

Round the Sphere Again

  • This week's Christian Carnival is at Jordan's View. Educate your soul!

  • Theology lesson: David Heddle continues his primer on justification, this time delving into the Lordship Salvation Controversy.
    In a nutshell: Once you accept Jesus as your savior, will you naturally accept Him as your Lord as well, meaning you will attempt (perhaps pitifully) to obey and do good works, or is it possible to at first accept the "savior" part and only, at a later date, accept the Lordship part?

  • Ian with the Messy Desk gives us a little lesson on the Salvation Army.

  • Scott of Magic Statistics explains why Republicans are happier than Democrats.

  • Lessons from man's best friend: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3. (From Hireath.)

  • Doug has a book recommendation. I was thinking of writing a book just for Doug called Around the World without Photo ID, but I guess it's too late now.

  • Shaun Nolan of Postscript Posthaste announces a monthly podcast called Ordinary Means.
    Very, very cool! Go check it out.
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