Monday, March 20

Round the Sphere Again

  • Last week's Christian Carnival is at Light Along the Journey.

    We go back to school in this week's Round the Sphere post.

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  • Language: Chez Kneel on Speaking Inuit.

  • Theology: You didn't think I'd have school without a class in theology did you?
  • Current Events: It's Rex Murphy again. I've already let you know how I feel about Rex. Magic Statistics linked to an article by Rex Murphy, too. Here's another one that deserves a read. Both articles are about Stephen Harper's trip to visit the Canadian troops in Afghanistan. Here's a quote from the CBC: The National article, A Question of Honor:
    I cannot see how we can ask troops to risk their lives in combat and in the perils of helping to rebuild a ravaged country while, in essence, we tip them to the idea that meanwhile, we're about to launch an argument if there is a reason for them to be there in the first place. It would be a little like saying "Off you go. Now, let's debate if we should send you."

    That would be reckless, illogical, unjust, and defeatist.
    Now, imagine that text spoken in a Newfoundland brogue.

  • Sports: Youngest daughter's good friend Emily won a silver medal in weightlifting at the Commonwealth Games. Emily trains in Montreal, so the article says she's from there, but she's really a Yukoner.

  • Recess: It's a Lego aircraft carrier. HT: Ian.

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