Sunday, April 30

Crazy Quilt

Sometime today this blog will have it's 100,000th visitor. Mostly, I try to ignore the numbers on Sitemeter, but 100,000 gets a little attention.

Youngest son will be going to the national competition in his volleyball division in Abbotsford, BC, this week. He's a setter, and a pretty good one, I've been told.

I was reading James White's blog this week, and in one of the posts he gave a little review of the debate he had in Missouri last weekend, linking to a newpaper article reporting on the debate. The article mentions a man named Joe Rostollan (who says, by the way, that Dr. White was the better debater, and that Rev. Wright seemed out of his league), and I recognized the name. It turns out Joe pastors a church in Harrisonville, Mo., but that's not how I know him. I went to the same small Bible college as Joe--Oak Hills Christian College in Bemidji, MN--only back then he looked a lot more like Gabe Kaplan in Welcome Back Kotter than the man in the photo on the church website.

And not long ago, I was watching a DVD called The History and Theology of Calvinism, and one of the experts interviewed looked awfully familiar. It turns out it was Roger Schultz, another man I knew a little from his association with the same school. It seems that Roger is Professor and Chair of the History Department at Liberty University, and also pastor of Westminster Reformed Presbyterian Church. If you've been following some of the stuff coming out of Liberty University in regards to Calvinism lately, you'll understand why I find this amusing.

If you like that sort of irony, it may amuse you to know that another former student and professor at the same little christian college is Dr. John Sanders, who is one of the more well-known open theists.

(My father was also a faculty member at Oak Hills. He's now retired, but you can see him in the bottom photo on this page. He's the fifth man from the right, or the third from the right on the front row.)

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