Friday, April 28

Round the Sphere Again

About the Christian Carnival
  • This week's Christian Carnival is up at Brain Cramps for God.

  • Here's a little news from Dory, the Christian Carnival overseer, about the Christian Carnival email list:
    The email list for the Christian Carnival has been down, as you may have noticed, and I have gotten no replies to my requests for help about it. I have therefore started a new list through Google Groups. It should work much the same way. Once you join, you can post to the group by sending an email to this address: Posts will be sent to your email address unless you change your settings to read at the web site only. The web site is here:

    To join, go to the web site and sign up. For a time, I will allow anyone to join and, to prevent spam, limit postings by requiring my approval. After the initial rush of memberships has died down, I will require my approval for membership, but allow any member to post. Please limit posts to hosting announcements only.
    If you haven't signed up already, go sign up right now before you forget!
On a New Web Site for Readers and Others
Tim Challies is announcing the launch of a new web site--The Discerning Reader--which will have all the reviews from his old reader's web site, The Diet of Bookworms, plus much, much more, like
  • reviews of book on the New York Times best seller list
  • lists of books from various experts
  • starter lists for those interested in beginning to read about a new topic
  • mini-reviews suitable for placement in church bulletins
  • bookworm reviews (like the reviews that were previously at the Diet of Bookworms)
Hop on over there and check things out.
Of Things Theological
On the Gospel

About Women's Roles in the Church
Andreas Kostenburger writes on women deacons at his Biblical Foundations blog.

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