Tuesday, May 30

Quiz: Jesus Christ

How much do you know about the person and work of Jesus Christ? Take this little quiz to find out. Answers will be posted on Thursday. Update: Answers are now posted.

Choose the answer that best completes the statement.

1. Christ is
  • a. the surname of a man who lived 2000 years ago, whose given name was Jesus.
  • b. a title referring to Jesus's position and work as Messiah.
  • c. a Greek word meaning annointed one.
  • d. both a and c above
  • e. both b and c above.
  • f. none of the above.
2. The historic creeds and confessions of the Christian church affirm that Jesus Christ was
  • a. created by God the Father, and so of a similar nature to the Father.
  • b. a very great man, but an ordinary human imbued with supernatural powers by God.
  • c. of the very same nature as God the Father, and not created, but eternally co-existent with the Father.
  • d. one of the three ways the one person of God manifests himself.
  • e. both c and d above.
  • f. none of the above.
3. As a human being, Jesus
  • a. had a real physical body and a true human nature.
  • b. had two natures: a divine one and a human one.
  • c. was restricted in time and space.
  • d. was without sin.
  • e. both a and d above.
  • f. all of the above.
4. Jesus was sinless
  • a. so that his perfect obedience could supply the righteousness we need to be saved.
  • b. merely to be a perfect example for us to follow.
  • c. even though he was tempted by sinful desires.
  • d. because he was spared the same sort of temptations we experience.
  • e. both a and c above.
  • f. none of the above.
5. The doctrine that Jesus was born of a virgin
  • a. means that Christ was generated by his mother Mary alone.
  • b. was the result of a miraculous work by the power of the Holy Spirit.
  • c. is not taught in the Bible.
  • d. was formulated by Constantine, and forced on the church for political reasons.
  • e. both a and b above.
  • f. none of the above.
6. That Christ is the mediator
  • a. is agreed upon by the Father and the Son in eternity.
  • b. means that his work is to reconcile human beings to God.
  • c. required that Christ become incarnate.
  • d. means that those who believe have access to God through him.
  • e. a, b, and d above.
  • f. all of the above.

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