Monday, June 5

My Yukon Garden: June 5

Here she be, in all her not-yet glory, as seen from the second story deck.

The clump on the bottom left is rhubarb, almost ready to pick. There should be another clump of rhubarb in that corner, too, but I lost it this year due to an unfortunate tilling accident. This fall I'll divide that one clump into two, in hopes of re-establishing a second clump of rhubarb.

The rows running horizontally at the front are various greens--spinach, romaine, buttercrunch and leaf lettuce--plus beets, carrots, radishes and onions. The two rows running vertically at the very right are two types of peas. Next to them are 44 brassica plants--cauliflower, broccoli, cabbage and brussel sprouts. The rest, the big square at the back and left, is planted with potatoes, both Yukon gold and a red variety, 60 or so plants in all.

Nothing is up yet, but I would expect to see something green sprouting in the next couple days.

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