Wednesday, July 5

Radishes for Breakfast

I mentioned in Monday's garden post that we'd been eating radishes from the garden, and Kim from Hireath wanted to know what kind of radishes I grew.

This year I grew the old stand-by, Cherry Belle, plus the radish with what Kim calls a "cultured" name--French Breakfast. And they do look quite stylish in their little red and white suits, don't they?

The cylindrical French breakfast radishes grow up to three inches long, which makes them perfect for dipping and a relish tray. If you pick them while they're young, they're a sweet and mild radish, at least as far as radishes go. (It hardly seems right to me label any radish sweet, but according to garden radish descriptions, these little guys are sweet.) They're perfectly tender and crisp, too--an all around ideal radish.

But of course, the question Kim really wants answered is "Do you eat them for breakfast?" I don't, but apparently some do. With a name like that, you're probably imagining them served with coffee and a croissant, but French breakfast radishes come later, at the mid-morning breakfast. Simply butter them up, and pop them in between bites of your baguette.

Just don't serve them with English Breakfast tea.

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