Monday, July 3

My Yukon Garden: July 3

Here's what the old girl looks like today. You can click on the photo for closer inspection.

I hoed almost all of it over the last week, except for that one little spot at the middle right where I'm still waiting for a potato plant to poke through. I had two new potato plants up this morning, so I'm still holding out hope for that last one.

You can see quite a bit of growth since last week. The peas are much taller, and so are some of the potato plants.

We've eaten quite a few radishes. (They're in the right half of the front row.) They never seem to make it into salads--we like them too much straight out of the garden. It's hot right now, so we'll probably eat all of them in the next few days. We wouldn't want to let them get wormy!

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