Monday, June 19

My Yukon Garden: June 19

You can click on the photo for a larger view. This time I think you can see the changes since last week.

The two rows running vertically on the right are peas. The far right row still hasn't sprouted--except for one lonely little plant--and I'm guessing that it won't. Something must have been wrong with that one package of pea seeds. The other row is coming quite nicely except for a sparse section right at the back of the garden.

Next to the peas are four rows of brassica plants running vertically as well. They've really taken off this week, and are looking nice and healthy.

Along the front are horizontal rows of three varieties of lettuce, along with spinach, beets, carrots, onions, radishes. All of those are up, but the three rows of carrots are still in the tiny grass-like stage, so the photo doesn't show anything yet.

There are a few romaine plants and a couple of brussell sprout seedlings planted in a backwards L shape around the one rhubarb plant. The rhubarb, by the way, has been picked twice, but not made into anything yet.

At the top/back left is the compost pile. Right now it's full of grass clippings because youngest son mowed the yard today. (I hope to get the weed wacking done tomorrow!) At the front/right is a container of raspberry plants. They are greening up, too, and have a few blossoms.

The rest of the garden is planted in potatoes, and those aren't up yet. By next week, however, I'd expect to see some little potato plants.

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Violet is posting pictures of her garden, too. This week the dianthus is in bloom.

Updates: Island Sparrow has a composite picture of gardens and flowers in this post. Click for the larger version. The plants in the upper right are her husband's potatoes.

And see Candy in Sierras' garden, too!

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Have you posted photos of your garden? Let me know and I'll link to your garden photo, too, and we'll have a garden party.

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