Monday, June 12

My Yukon Garden: June 12

It doesn't look much different than last week's photo, except that the rhubarb's bigger. But it is different! Even though you can't see them in the photo, most of the greens, the beets, the radishes and one row of peas are up. What isn't up is the potatoes (I wouldn't expect them yet), the carrots (wouldn't expect them either), and that pesky row of peas. I haven't figured out what's happening with the peas. I bought both packages of peas at the same time at the same place, but one package of peas has sprouted and the other hasn't.

I also lost one more broccoli plant and a cabbage plant. Once again, it's the dog's fault. She likes to sit in that section of the garden, and if there's a cute little green plant beneath her, so much the better.

With this heat wave, I've had to water many times a day, since the germinating seeds need to be kept moist at all times. I'm doing my watering by hand. It works better that way. The sprinkler waters everywhere, but not as deeply. I prefer the precision and depth of the hand dousing. So if you wonder where I am and why I haven't been blogging much, there's your answer.

Oh! And the tumbler tomatoes in pots on the deck have blossoms.

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