Saturday, June 10

The May Day Tree

is now blossoming.

It's my favorite time of the year in the front yard. For the next week, several time a day, you'll find me with my coffee on the front deck, sitting in my adirondack chair, admiring this tree.

It's one of the prettiest May Day trees in Whitehorse, and there are lots of them, since it's one of the few blossoming trees that is a snap to grow here. I can't take any credit for it's loveliness, though, since it was here when we moved in, and I've done nothing to it but mow around it and trim the branches now and then.

Last year some of the branches were dragging on the ground (You can see how the bottom branches curve down.), but it got a good pruning after the blossoms were gone so that mowing under it would be easier.

I looked up May Day trees and read that they grow to twenty feet or so, but mine is much taller than that. Youngest son says it's forty feet tall, but my guess is thirty. (You can click on the photo for the big view.)

Did I mention that the weather is absolutely perfect here right now? Are you jealous yet?

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