Thursday, June 15

Catching up with David Brainerd

Today I finally got up to date with the entries in David Brainerd's blog. David is ill with tuberculosis, and he's worried about his life at present being a useless one.
...[I] found, that in proportion to the prospect I had of being restored to a state of usefulness, so I desired the continuance of life; but death appeared inconceivable more desirable to me than a useless life; yet blessed be God, I found my heart, at time, fully resigned and reconciled to this greatest of afflictions, if God saw fit thus to deal with me.
Yet here we are, going on three hundred years later, and people are still reading his journal entries, and being encouraged by them. Like Kim from Hireath, who just commented on the previous post:
Reading this today made me thankful yet again that David Brainerd kept a journal. One of the most precious things, to me, about his journal entries is the way he records the specific experiences he had in his devotional time with God...
Ironic, isn't it?