Monday, June 26

My Yukon Garden: June 26

In the interest of honesty, I'm showing it in all its weedy glory, which you can see in even more detail by clicking on the photo. The garden really needs some work with a hoe to get rid of the chickweed carpet and some volunteer spinach you see sprinkled around in the right center, and I've only just started hoeing in the bottom left corner.

Since last week, there are 40+ potato plants, with 20 or so left to come up. The far right row of peas has a grand total of 3 pea plants, up by 2 since last week, but the peas that have sprouted are growing nicely. You can see quite a bit of new growth in the greens at the bottom of the photo, too, and the cabbage/cauliflower, etc. plants at the upper right center.

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