Saturday, September 30

A Day's Supply

I told you we eat a lot of carrots. These are the ones I picked yesterday. They are going, going, almost gone.

Carrots are one of the vegies that grow really well in the Yukon. Anyone who plants carrot seed and waters as necessary will have sweet, crisp, tender carrots come fall--guaranteed, unless the neighbor kids raid the garden at night. And once you've tasted Yukon garden carrots, you'll wonder why you ever thought you liked baby carrots from the supermarket.

Enough carrot talk. John Schroeder of Blogotional has a series called Christians and Creation: A Positive Approach, which looks at the relationship Christians should have to the natural world. Here are links to Part 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5. One of his suggestions: everyone should grow a vegie garden.

Update: Kim of Hireath posts photos of her peppers.