Tuesday, October 24

Potatofest: The Literary Edition

A little potato poetry by Thomas Moore, the bard of Ireland.
The Potato
I'm a careless potato and care not a pin
How into existence I came;
If they planted me drill-wise or dribbled me in,
To me 'tis exactly the same.
The bean and the pea may more loftily tower,
But I care not a button for them;
Defiance I not with my beautiful flower
When the earth is hoed up to my stem.
And don't miss Sherry of Semicolon's wonderful post on the potato in children's books and more, including potato quotes, potato links and potato news. So, while we're on the subject, when is the International Year of the Potato? Don't know? Sherry's post will clue you in.

Why don't you contribute something to Potatofest before month's end and the unfortunate end of Potatofest? Everyone has something to say about potatoes, don't they? Post something potato related on your blog
  • a potato recipe
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  • a potato joke
  • a quote about potatoes
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  • a tip for a unique way to use potatoes
  • a piece of potato art
  • a potato quiz
  • you name it--if it's about potatoes, it belongs at Potatofest
and leave the link in the comments or email it to me. I'll link to your potato link (or links) sometime during the month of Potatofest. If you don't have a blog, or feel you don't want to clutter up your blog with potato drivel, then leave your recipe, joke--you name it--in the comments and I'll work it into a post sometime during the month. Somewhere, somehow, I'll even include things as simple as a comment on your favorite way to eat potatoes, or your favorite variety of potatoes.