Wednesday, October 18

Round the Sphere Again

Carnivals, Symposiums and Fests, etc.
  • Look for this week's Christian Carnival at The Buzz Blog later today. (I'll update with a link directly to the carnival when there is one.) Update: Here you go--this week's Christian Carnival.

  • Update: Christa asks:
    Rebecca, how could I know when and where the Christian Carnival's will be? I always enjoy reading them, but am never sure who is hosting it.
    I bet Christa isn't the only one who's wondering. I belong to the Christian Carnival email list, which means I usually get an email notice telling me who is hosting in the coming week, and then another notice once the week's carnival is posted. Anyone can sign up to be on the list by emailing Dory of Wittenberg Gate, who administers the carnival. You'll find all the info here, including the link to email Dory.

  • Tim Challies is suggesting a Reformation Day Symposium, and promises to collect the links to Reformation Day posts at his site on October 31. You can read all the details in this post. I plan to participate; why don't you? If my cajoling won't convince you, Tim is bribing potential participants with a prize.

  • And then there's always Potatofest.
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