Friday, October 13

Last Sunday's Hymn and a Upcoming CD

Last Sunday I posted the words to Robert Murray McCheyne's hymn When This Passing World Is Done and promised I would be mentioning it again later in the week. The time for that mention is right now.

It seems that several of you loved the words, but were unfamiliar with the hymn. Here's a little secret: I hadn't heard of this hymn until just recently, when I had the opportunity to listen to a new album by Matthew Smith of Indelible Grace. Matthew's album, All I Owe, set for release on October 24, features that hymn--with a new name and new music he has written for it--as it's title piece.

There are other not-so-well-known hymns by famous believers of the past on this album, including a gem by Charles Wesley, Thy Blood Was Shed for Me, that you won't find even in the Cyberhymnal. Included, too, are some familiar hymns set to new (and very singable) music, a couple of old hymns that still have their traditional tunes, and two newly written songs.

Why do I like this new album of Matthew Smith's? Because while I'm not an old hymn purist--I like well-written newer songs, too--I'm quite passionate about the wonderful musical tradition of those saints who went before us. Those old words have a lot to offer us, in large part, I suspect, because much of the drivel has been sifted out with time, leaving us words with solid value; and paradoxically, with those old words set to new music in this collection, it's their message that becomes the true focus of the hymns again.

You'll find more information on the upcoming CD, along with instructions for preordering, at Matthew Smith's homepage; and you can hear a bit of it (including his new version of last Sunday's hymn) here. Other links: