Thursday, October 5

Potatofest 2006: A Little Carl Larsson and More

Carl Larsson's Potato Harvesting

The potato party has already started:
  • Anita tells us that her favorite variety of potato is Yukon Gold, and she likes them "roasted, mashed, whatever." I grow Yukon Gold in the garden. They are a wonderful all-purpose potato, and they're good keepers, too.
  • Kim in ON loves potato soup, and if we're lucky, she'll post her recipe sometime soon.
  • Jacqueline really, really loves potatoes.
    There was a time when they were the only vegetables I would eat. My dad used to embarrass me by telling about how many potatoes we went through and how I ate most of them. I've learned to like others vegetable too now so I don't eat quite so many but I still love them.
  • Kim of Hireath and Rosemary of Seasonings bring the food to today's party. Kim has posted a potato quote and a potato recipe . . . or three.
  • and Rosemary has a recipe for (what else?) Roasted Rosemary Potatoes.
  • For our entertainment, Columbine tells a potato story: Good Potato, Bad Potato.

Want to join the party? Here's how:

Post something potato related on your blog
  • a potato recipe
  • a potato photo
  • a potato joke
  • a quote about potatoes
  • a story about potatoes
  • a tip for a unique way to use potatoes
  • a piece of potato art
  • a potato quiz
  • you name it--if its about potatoes, it belongs at Potatofest
and leave the link in the comments or email it to me. I'll link to your potato link (or links) sometime during the month of Potatofest. If you don't have a blog, or feel you don't want to clutter up your blog with potato drivel, then leave your recipe, joke--you name it--in the comments and I'll work it into a post sometime during the month. Somewhere, somehow, I'll even include things as simple as a comment on your favorite way to eat potatoes, or your favorite variety of potatoes.

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