Saturday, December 9

Saturday's Old Photo

This is a photo of youngest son with his dad. Next Thursday, that babe in arms turns seventeen. At the time of this photo, he was around seven months old, and though he's probably perfectly average in size, he'd be the smallest of my babies by a long shot. Now he's the tallest person in the family and still growing.

He's grown to be the sort of young man his dad would be proud of. He shares his father's wiry athleticism and team-playing attitude. He expects a lot of himself, he's thankful for everything that others do for him, and he's not afraid to express his thanks. Not to mention that he's trustworthy. If I gave too many details, he's be embarrassed--actually, I've probably already embarrassed him--so I'll leave it at that.

Even in this baby photo, you can see how much he looks like his dad. He still does. Check it out for yourself in the photo below, taken last spring.