Sunday, December 3

Sunday's Hymn: Ambrose of Milan

For the first Sunday of Advent, a hymn from Ambrose of Milan.
Now Hail We Our Redeemer

Now hail we our Redeemer,
Eternal Son of God,
Born in the flesh to save us,
And cleanse us in His blood.
The Morning Star ascendeth,
Light to the world He lendeth,
Our Guide in grief and gloom.

A man, of God begotten,
Brought in the age of grace;
Lo, all the earth is radiant
With light, and hope, and peace.
Our prison He demolished,
Death’s power He abolished,
And opened Heaven’s gate.

O Jesus, grant us mercy,
And grace on us bestow,
To walk by Thine own guidance,
Thy saving truth to know.
For Thee our hearts are yearning,
From worldly pleasures turning
Unto Thy righteousness.

Into Thy hand the Father
Gave all, that we might be
In bonds of faith united,
And dedicate to Thee,
A people through Thy merit
Entitled to inherit
Thy realm eternally.

I've updated last week's hymn post with a link to a choral rendition of Calvin's hymn, I Greet Thee, Who My Sure Redeemer Art. Go listen. It's a lovely hymn.
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Have you posted a hymn for Sunday and I missed it? Let me know by leaving a link in the comments or by emailing me at the address in the sidebar, and I'll add your post to the list.

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