Monday, January 8

Enter the Lists: For Word Nerds

Here's a list of lists for those who like words:
  1. Check out Wordie for a place you can
    make lists of words -- practical lists, words you love, words you hate, whatever.
    You can also check out other people's lists, like this one, which is a list of things that you change.
  2. For those of you who'd rather listen than read, here's a list of 700 Hobo Names read and compiled by John Hodgman, the man who is the PC on the famous Mac commercials. (James Fenimore Cooper as a hobo?)
  3. The Crusty Curmudgeon give us his comments on the list of banished words featured here at this blog last week.
  4. Update: Check out Warren's links for word nerds in the comments.

Watch for more lists of lists soon. If you've sent me your link and I haven't included it yet, forgive me. I've fallen behind and I'm trying to catch up!

This is the month for everything listish on this blog. Have you posted a list? Any list on any topic? Please, I beg of you, send me the link!