Wednesday, January 3

Enter the Lists: Cute Kids and Peevish Parents

Two contributions to this month's list making from two Kims:
  • At Hiraeth (Please note the new blog and new address. Note to self: Update your blog roll!), Kim is collecting funny things kids have said. Go contribute you own kid's cute sayings, and check out her new place while you're there.

    Update, January 4: Kim is listing all the cute sayings here.

  • At The Upward Call, Kim is collecting
    sayings that your parents said to you often that made you groan (inwardly or outwardly) or roll your eyes?
    She collected quite a few. My mother used to always say that she'd "hang us on the clothesline by our toenails" if we didn't do what she said. I've tried that threat myself more than once, so I guess it didn't annoy me enough to keep me from using it.
This is the months for everything listish on this blog. Have you posted a list? Any list on any topic? Please, I beg of you, send me the link! For the time being, leave the link in the comments rather than email, since my email is worse than ever--I can only send or recieve on the web, so I don't check for new mail very often.