Thursday, February 22

The Amazing Grace Movie and Canada Games

If I read things right, t*Tomorrow is the Whitehorse opening of Amazing Grace, a movie about British abolitionist William Wilberforce. Carolyn McCulley gives it a thumbs up, but suggests John Piper's little book–you know, the one I reviewed here–as a supplement to the movie.

Tomorrow is also the opening of the 2007 Canada Games, which are being held right here in Whitehorse this time round. Youngest daughter works a little at the Hougen's ticket office, and she says that tickets are still available to most events. Men's hockey (finals and semifinals) and the opening ceremonies are sold out, but there is room for you in almost everything else. Her recommendation is for the boxing, which organizers say is usually sold out right away, but so far, there hasn't been much interest here.

And remember, purchasing a day or week pass gets you into preliminary events as long as there is room for you. (Ticket details here.) Since there won't be parking for you at most of the venues, have someone drop you off or take the bus.

*I read things wrong, and apparently it is not coming here, at least not now. Those of you who live in the civilized part of the world will be able to see it. Thanks to Scott Gilbreath for sniffing out the truth.