Thursday, February 1

Another Piece By The Mystery Artist

Yesterday I posted a photo of a bronze bust done by a classic children's author-illustrator, and challenged you to guess which illustrator created the piece. No one guessed correctly, so I'm adding another piece, another sculpture, this one of the young Abe Lincoln. This reminds me more of this artist's illustrations in children's books, so perhaps you will find it more helpful for identifying the artist.

This sculpture was created for exhibit at the New York World's Fair. There are at least a couple of other clues for you in the photo.

You can also click on the photo for a larger version of it, if you think that will help. And googling is within the rules of the game, although I can't promise you'll find that helpful.

Update: Ian McKenzie has guessed correctly, much to the disappointment of candyinsierras, who succeeded in googling the answer, only to find that Ian beat her to it. You'll have to read the comments to find the answer. Watch for a short post on the life of this illustrator as soon as I can manage it, and a link to a new website featuring his work.

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