Wednesday, April 21

Democrats Working to Get Expat Americans Living in the Yukon to Vote

I've lived here as an ex-pat American since 1976, and up until now, I have never been urged to vote in the American election. But there's a first time for everything.

Campaign to toss out Bush active in Yukon
Members of the U.S. Democratic Party are urging Americans living in the Yukon to get out and vote in that country's upcoming presidential election.

The Democrats are working to dethrone George W. Bush, and members of the Democrats Abroad organization say a Democratic victory could come from Americans living outside the U.S..

About six million Americans live abroad, and the Democrat organization has offices in 37 countries, including local chapters across Canada.

One of those groups is in Yukon.

With the last presidential election only won by several hundred contested votes, Democrats are gearing up for a new run at the White House. Part of that drive is a worldwide voter-registration campaign.

The Yukon has been identified as home to a significant number of expatriate Americans.

Hmmm....I wonder what it all means. Why now? Why us? There are only 30 some thousand people in the whole territory. There aren't that many Americans who are eligible to vote.

(And for those of you who come here for respite from all the political commentary on the presidential election, I promise this is as close as I will get to discussing it.)