Saturday, May 8

Helping Google Out

Last night I tried to figure out why this blog seem to be on the first page of Google results for anyone looking for Ole and Lina jokes. Just as I had thought, I have no Ole and Lina jokes here. One absolutely hilarious Norwegian joke, but no Lina in it, just Sven. So, to help Google be a bit more accurate in their results, how about this?
Ole was taking Lina, who was pregnant with twins, to the hospital when his car went out of control and crashed. Upon regaining consciousness, he saw his brother Sven, sitting at his bedside. He asked Sven how Lina was and his brother replied, "Don't vorry, everybody is fine and you have a son and a daughter. But the hospital was in a real hurry to get the birth certificate filed and both you and Lina vere unconscious so I named them for you.

Ole was thinking to himself, "Oh no, vat has he done now?" and said, "Well, what did you name them?"

Sven replied, "I named da little girl Denise."

Ole said, "Ya, dat's a very pretty name! And yust vat did you come up vith for my son?"

Sven smiled and replied, "Denephew."

From Northwoods Humor by Hatchet Creek.

And while we're talking northwoods, Hatchet Creek also has a northwoods knowledge test. I scored respectable 19 out of 20. Which one did I get wrong? I've been living in Canada too long, I guess, and I mistook those big green rubber boots for gum boots.