Monday, June 14

Doing the Tat

The boys both did the Tat this weekend. Nope, it didn't involve lace and needles, but this:

and this:

The youngest son got to go free of charge, because if there are nine paying members in your group, a tenth person can go free. The opportunity to do the Tatshenshini River free comes maybe once in a lifetime.

He had finals today, so I suppose he should have spent some time on the weekend studying, but you can take finals any old year, can't you? Thankfully, he's pretty conscientious about keeping up with things at school, so he'll do fairly well without any weekend cramming.

But he's tired....and sore....and napping on the couch. The lawn is in desperate need of mowing, and the front part is his job, but we'll let it go for today. After all, you can mow the yard just about any old day, as long as it's not raining, can't you?