Thursday, July 8

Where Are the Goodies?

Time for another round up of some good things blogged this week. First up, we have an article from a brand new blog. Jeri, of Sober Minded, writes Madame Teacher, which gives us her viewpoint (and what I think is the biblical one) on the role of women teachers in the church. It's a gutsy subject for a new blog, since its so controversial. Jeri must be one of those people who dives right into cold water--no big toes testing the water first for her!

Once you've read that item, follow the link to TruePravda, where Jared Bridges takes a look at red letter editions of the Bible and why they are not such a good idea. In my comment on the post, I mentioned one more problem with red letter editions that I see: they give the idea that the red words are exact quotes of the type you might see in a newspaper, when they are most likely summaries, and selective summaries--although accurate ones, of course--of the actual words spoken by Jesus.

Next up is a post at Sovereign God Blog called Shall We Not Accept Evil? Its a little piece about what we can do when we grow discouraged because of the difficult things in life. How can we get our attitude to be what it ought to be?

Now, I know this next one has been linked to a lot, and I'm late doing it, but I think Parableman is spot on in this discussion of the nature of governments, and what our attitude ought to be toward the governments that rule us. It's written specifically from an American perspective, but the principles would apply just as well to citizens of any other country. I made my son read it last night, since he was spouting off something similar to one of the points Parableman makes, but the parable guy makes the point a lot more politely. (One thing I've learned about the Parableman is that while he blogs on a wide variety of subjects, they are all looked at from the perspective of a "person of the Book." His bottom line is always what the Book says. Well, mostly anyway. It's hard to find much in the book about women's bicycles.)

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