Friday, October 1

Canada World Breastfeeding Week

October 1-7, 2004
Exclusive Breastfeeding: the Gold Standard

Safe, Sound, Sustainable

Saturday morning, October 2 is the breastfeeding challenge. For the past two years, Whitehorse has been the national champion, and tomorrow morning at 11 AM, an attempt will be made to keep the title. Last year
the Yukon reported 48 mom and baby couples for the Challenge, with 36 being located at the Whitehorse site, making them the winner as [the] region with the most women breastfeeding as a percentage of the birth rate.

That's thirty-six babies nursing all at once--over 14% of all the babies born during that year. The babies ranged
in age from 9 days to 27 months. What's particularly exciting is that the majority of the babies (56%) were more than six months old, and half of those were over a year.

More info.

[Update: Only second this year. Bested by Nunavut.]

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