Friday, October 1

When Will They Ever Learn?

I was in the middle of getting a post ready this morning, when I heard a small explosion sound and the power went out. I'd heard the sound before, so I ran to the kitchen window just in time to see the the little guy take his plunge. Fortunately, I've got an old dial up phone in the basement so I could call the power company, and they sent someone right over to restore the electricity to the neighborhood. Everything seems to be up and running just fine now. Maybe I'll finish up the post I started sometime later today, but in my hour of darkness, I'd started another project I must finish up first.

Unlike squirrels, I do learn, so I titled this post something other than Fried Squirrel II. Maybe that'll help avoid the hunters googling game recipes.

(We've had the Mt. St. Helens webcam on the desktop for the last couple of days. Wouldn't you know it would do something interesting during our power outage?)

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