Thursday, October 14

In Local Religious News

The Whitehorse Christian Ministerial Association has voted on the issue of same-sex marriage.
The debate over same sex-marriage has resurfaced in the Yukon, with a split in an organization of the territory's religious leaders....

Recently, most of the members of the Whitehorse Christian Ministerial Association voted that a marriage can still only be between one man and one woman.
The vote was 12-3 in support of the motion, with one member abstaining. As might be expected, this led to the resignation from the association by the Whitehorse United Church minister, Keltie can Binsbergen, who performed the territory's first legal gay marriage ceremony.
One of the ministers voting against the motion was the association's vice president, Whitehorse United Church minister Keltie van Binsbergen....

Her convictions meant she had little choice after the association's vote.

"My response was to resign, because the motion was passed, and it was passed quite resoundingly, the vote was 12-3, with one person abstaining," she says.
The ministerial association will release a statement to the press later.

Read the whole story from CBC North.

[Update: Another article with a little more info.]