Wednesday, November 24

Poets and Reporters

I've been blessed with both in the blog roll. There are two bloggers who occasionally post bits of their own poetry:

Mister Standfast gives us a sample this week with the tightly woven Certain Small Birds in November.

Siris gives us drafts of two of his poems in this post.

(The perceptive among us will notice that the two poets on the blog roll share the same template. Merely coincidence?)

Then there's Tulipgirl, who keeps us up to date on all the exciting things happening with the Ukrainian election and its aftermath from her vantage point in Kyiv, and from the information she gets from her husband, who is right there with the protesters.

Think what an education their boys are getting in all of this!

The orange colour of Tulipgirl's template is a show of solidarity with the Ukrainian people. My little picture of an orange ribbon will have to do for this blog. Please remember to pray for the situation there.

[Update: CBC give a timeline of Ukraine's political crisis.

Answers to questions about the crisis from BBC.]

[And an off-topic update: As long you're praying for the Ukrainian situation, why don't you pray for Cindi, too. You can read her story here at]