Monday, November 8

Volleyball Trip and Other Piddling Stuff

Youngest son didn't get back from his volleyball trip to Dawson City until 12:30 AM, so things were a bit disorganized around here this morning. He didn't bother unpacking anything last night--he was just too tired--so he had to quickly unpack his backpack to use for school this morning, and now all the stuff that was in there is strewn all over the entry way. He was so sore, especially in one shoulder, that he could barely make it out of bed.

One advantage of such a late bus trip back is that he got to see a spectular show of northern lights. All the way from Dawson City to Whitehorse, he says.

He remembered this morning that he accidently left one of his shirts behind, which means he has only two shirts to his name now instead of three. He's at the quick growing stage of boyhood into manhood when it's hard to keep them in clothes that fit, especially since this stage also seems to coincide with the I-hate-clothes-shopping stage. But now we'll have to go clothes shopping. At least, since he hates shopping, it'll be fast, and he'll be satisfied buying the first thing he sees that he would be caught dead in.

Here's a a map of the sort I was looking for when I did the post on maps, but I couldn't find one back then. We have one of these "northern point of view" maps in the basement. Even maps are about perspective.

I'm thinking of wandering into the area of Christology in my next theological posts. That means I'm going to have to do a lot of studying, since it's a subject I'm fairly unfamiliar with. What do you think? Is that an area you'd be interested in reading posts on? Do you have any recommendations for books on the subject?

How about good book recommendations on any subject? I'm planning to make my annual Chapters/Indigo order, so now's the time to tell me what you think I ought to read.

Enough piddle. It's time for the daily dog walk. I have to get the walk in before 4 pm now if I'm going to do it in daylight. It's only 6 or 7 weeks or so, you know, until the longest night of the year.