Sunday, February 20

The Puritans: Today in Church History

From Christian History Institute we learn that on February 20, 1636, Samuel Rutherford was exiled to Aberdeen:
Rutherford had published an Apology of Divine Grace against the heresy of righteousness based on human works. This work offended the government. On this day, February 20, 1636, Archbishop Laud, who controlled the established churches of Britain, exiled Rutherford to Aberdeen. He forbade him to preach anywhere in Britain.
This is why we have all those wonderful letters from Rutherford to fellow believers, for letter writing was one of the ways he occupied himself during his exile. In them we see the heart of a true pastor. Charles Spurgeon once said of Rutherford's letters:
...let the world know that Spurgeon held Rutherford's letters to be the nearest thing to inspiration which can be found in all the writings of mere man.
Find a selection of his letters here.

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