Friday, March 11

From Allthings2all: Upcoming Science and Christianity Showcase

I'm a little late in promoting this showcase. I thought I'd already linked to it, but I was mistaken. From Allthings2all:
I am going to hold a Science and Christianity Showcase here at Allthings2all. What I would like to do is showcase posts by Christians on the general theme of Science and Christianity. These could be posts addressing the topic as a whole, or on one particular aspect of science. The post could be on bioethics, stem cells, scientific discoveries, scientific concerns, medical benefits, a biblical or theological position, the writer's own perspective on science, or how some-one in the profession views science as a Christian.
The deadline has been moved back to midnight EST on Saturday. I'm really looking forward to reading the entries in this showcase. Science isn't a subject I write on, but I do enjoy reading on it.

[Here's a link to a post I think should be entered in the science and Christianity showcase: Quantum Weirdness and the Mind of God. Charlie (Another Think) writes:
Enlightenment Science, full of youthful hubris, claimed that it could unravel the secrets of the universe and prove that "God" was nothing more than a set of mechanical laws governing the passage of day to night and life to death. But God has had the last laugh. As the search for understanding drives us deeper into the foundations of life and the mechanics of the universe, we have discovered awesome complexity, unexpected mystery, and mounting evidence that some Genius might just be the Source of all that we are and see.
C'mon. You know you want to go read the whole thing!]

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