Tuesday, March 15

Prayer: Morning by Morning, New Mercies

All I have needed Thy hand hath provided.....

What provisions are you thankful for? What mercies do you see today? This is a place to list them.

  • Here are some things I am thankful for this morning:
    1. Fresh coffee from fresh ground vanilla coffee beans.
    2. My daily constitutional, the beautiful country I walk in, and the weather that's been so good for walking.
    3. My kids. A couple of them have some rather unexpected positive things happening in their lives.
    4. For people who are willing to take the time and effort to affirm the work others do.
    5. Fragrant pears (the little green chinese ones).
    6. That nothing has broken down round this house so far this year.
    7. Youngest son is feeling better today and he's off to school

    How about you? What say ye? (I'm updating to add lists as you comment.)

  • Chris's list:
    1. A daughter who makes coffee for me.
    2. Hope for a good day.

  • Anne's list:
    1. A husband who makes coffee for me>
    2. Living in Hawaii by the ocean, seeing unbelievable beauty everyday.
    3. A husband who is not deployed!
    4. Healthy children who are maturing.
    5. Friends.
  • Other Rebecca's list:
    1. My husband
    2. My church family and the relationships that have formed from it.
    3. The fact that I am able to go on this trip with Nick this week.
    4. Financial provision
    5. Other Christian bloggers
  • Kim:
    1. A husband who doesn't grumble too much when I buy more books than I ought to.
    2. My kids, for overlooking all of my faults.
    3. My friend Jo-Ann, who will talk theology with me.
    4. A car that works pretty well.
    5. The music that emanates from our house whether it's on a CD or from our own hands.
  • Claire:
    1. Has to be my Salvation for without it....
    2. My husband, who is God's ideal gift to me!
    3. My son, who walks with his Lord
    4. Today, lunch with 2 dear friends
  • Rodney Olson:
    1. A beautiful wife who I love more each day.
    2. The two most wonderful kids in the world.
    3. A home that is safe and comfortable.
    4. A job that I enjoy.
    5. Living in Perth, Western Australia.
    6. The supply of all my physical needs each day.
  • e.s.:
    1. The Undeserved Blessings of God in my life.
    2. The gift of my beautiful wife, charming, handsome son, and future (~11 months!) adopted daughter!
    3. The opportunity to teach my 20 wonderful, rascally, 2nd. graders.
    4. The opportunity to share the many thankfuls I have.
  • Rachel:
    1. My Salvation
    2. My husband, dispite all the bumps in the road we are facing.
    3. My children, they make life so much sweeter.
    4. My close friend and neighbor Carole who is helping me with her wisdom and older mother perspective.
    5. My sisters, life would be boring without them.
  • Paula:
    1. being able to eat and
    2. live indoors
    3. friends who would be there if these went away.
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