Sunday, March 13

What's Up

  • I've been reminded a few times recently that I should have a way for readers to contact me besides using the comments on the posts, so I've put a new link to click in the sidebar under my photo.

  • Oldest son called yesterday to tell me that he'd received a letter from World Vision about the child he sponsors. The boy lives in Sri Lanka, and the letter said that the boy's village was one of the ones devastated by the tsunami, and that World Vision had been unable to contact anyone in the family since the disaster. That may mean nothing, or it may mean something, but needless to say, it was a little upsetting for my son to receive that letter.

  • Youngest son had a basketball tourney this weekend. He finished up Saturday afternoon (his team came in first), and woke up this morning feeling sluggish, which is to be expected, but in the middle of church this morning he realized that he was more than just tired--he was really SICK. I hope it's not the nasty flu, but I suspect it may be. Tonight was my planned belated birthday dinner, but he had to stay home instead of celebrating with us. He's not moved from the couch all afternoon and evening. I'm hoping no one else gets it, but it never seems to work that way, does it?
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