Thursday, April 7

Oh Please!

Say it ain't so.

There's a reason it's called HIGH noon, you know. Because noon is supposed to be the time the sun is highest in the sky. There's a reason it's called STANDARD time, too. Because it's supposed to be standard, not something we have for a measly three months out twelve.

Just what we need, decisions that affect us all being made by people who make statements like this:
"The more daylight we have, the less electricity we use," said Markey...
Well, in case Markey hasn't noticed, we have the same amount of daylight whether we monkey with our clocks or not. That's determined (Dare I say it!) not by Congress, but by the sun in its course above. (Okay, not really, but it sounds more poetic than "by the turn and the tilt of the earth.")

Change your office hours, school hours, set your alarm clock for later--whatever you'd like--but don't give me sunrise at 10:30 AM in November. And if the U.S. changes the times they switch to daylight time, Canada will do the same, just to make things less complicated.

Yep, Saskatchewan and Arizona have it right*, standing firm for all that's right and natural in the face of the idiocy of most of the rest of the civilized world.

Update: Joey adds Indiana to the list of wise states and provinces. Are there more that I'm unaware of?

Update 2: Doug says Australia, too. And that made me think of this question: Wouldn't places in the southern hemisphere have daylight savings time exactly opposite of time we northern hemispherites do? Like from October through April?

Update 3: Daughter says Doug is wrong (sorry Doug!), and that Australians do go on daylight savings time, but just the opposite of the times we do--not exactly the opposite, but one week earlier. She knows this because someone who works with her makes calls to Australia. A couple of weeks ago, there was a 19 hour time difference, and this week, since we'd changed one hour forward, and Australia had changed one hour back--the difference was 21 hours.

Update 4: I heard it on the radio, so I know it's true: We can add Hawaiians to the list of Daylight Savings Time eschewers. Perhaps Doug meant Hawaii and accidently typed Australia?

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