Wednesday, July 20

Round the Sphere Again

  • This is the place for the link to this week's Christian Carnival once it's up and I find out where it is. There's been a bit of a mix up, but I'm sure it'll all be sorted out before long. [Update: And here we have it: This week's Christian Carnival. Thanks to ChristWeb for hosting on very short notice.]

  • A couple of interviews of note:
    1. Joe Missionary has an interview with Wayne Leman of Better Bibles Blog. Wayne is a linguist, and a Bible translator with the Cheyennes. Wayne says that
      there are several Native American groups still speaking their languages and understanding them better than they understand English, so that they benefit from a Bible translation in their own language. Currently we have teams helping with translation into the following Native American languages in the U.S. and Canada (they are called First Nations languages in Canada): Choctaw, Fox, some in the Southwest of the U.S., Crow, Lakhota Sioux, Ute, Gwich'in, Siberian Yupik, Carrier, and several Cree dialects (each needing their own translation).
      Gwich'in, by the way, is the first language of many of the people in this town. You can read a little bit about their language and language translation here.

    2. Adrian Warnock has an interview with Nancy Pearcy. On the concept of worldview, Nancy says,
      People who talk about a worldview are seeking to overcome the sacred/secular divide that keeps Christian faith compartmentalized into a narrow part of life explicitly labeled "religion." We are convinced that Christianity gives a framework of truth for all of life--for science, economics, education, medicine, and so on.
      Go read the whole interview for more.

  • Christian Counterculture Newsletter has an article by Jerram Barrs entitled Harry Potter and His Critics. To whet your appetite:
    ...Christians should be prepared to celebrate what is good and cultivate Biblical discernment in the midst of our Culture. This is what any Christian should do in regard to the Harry Potter books or anything else. You will have to decide for yourself if the Harry Potter books are good for you or your children, but please do so in a way that is thoughtful and discerning according to the Biblical picture of truth, beauty, and goodness, not in a way that is suspicious of anything popular in our culture, or that is untruthful and unkind.
    Hat tip: Grantian Florilegium.

  • Here's a useful blog that consists of links to the websites of various Christian scholars and theologians.

  • And our very own Violet of promptings has one of her poems, Some Words, published in Prairie Messenger. Make sure you read it.
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