Monday, September 12

World Magazine's New Theology Blog

It's called Theologica, and today's the day of the big unveiling. There are ten contributors, and I'm one of them. You'll probably find other contributors whose blogs you're familiar with as well.

Here's what David Wayne (a.k.a. the Jollyblogger), Theologica's editor, has to say about this new blog.
....our focus, appropriately enough, is on theology.... We'll cover topics that fall in the traditional theological encyclopedia like theology proper (doctrine of God), anthropology (doctrine of man), soteriology (doctrine of salvation), and many other standard subjects.
As to the contributors:
Our contributors are all from a conservative, evangelical background, but there is a fair amount of diversity within this. We have contributors from various theological backgrounds, including reformed, Wesleyan, Anglican, charismatic and dispensational. The denominations of our contributors include Baptist, Methodist, Anglican, and Presbyterian. We have contributors from the U.S., Canada, and the U.K.
Go check it out, and make it a regular stop on your blog cruise. And why not let those who read your blog know about it, too?

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