Tuesday, October 18

Charles Spurgeon Quote: Reader's Choice

Hiraeth gives us today's Spurgeon quote. This gem is about the doctrine of substitutionary sacrifice.

And while you're over there, you might want to check out the daily prayers from a little book called God's Minute that Kim's been posting. Today's prayer is from George F. Pentecost, D.D., LL.D.; and yesterday's was from Charles R. Flanders, D.D., of London, Ont., Canada.

October has been officially declared Charles Spurgeon Quote Month on this blog. Do you have a favorite quote from the "Prince of Preachers" that you'd like to see featured? If you do, you can either put it in the comments or email it to me and I'll post it sometime during the month. Better yet, post it on your blog and send me the link and I'll link back to you.

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