Friday, October 21

Round the Sphere Again

  • This week's Christian Carnival can be found at Theology and Biblical Studies.

  • From Blogotional on the need for us to do something to help the victims of the earthquake in Asia:
    Never forget that the Good Samaritan and the person he helped were enemies.
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  • From The Constructive Curmudgeon:
    Reality demands an attentiveness that multi-tasking does not allow. Human beings especially tend to be opaque and mysterious beings, whose inner recesses are not easily discerned. We can push a key and make the computer or cell phone do something. We cannot push a key and understand or help change a human being.
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  • From Jollyblogger:
    Noting that the apostle Paul planted churches in such moral cesspools as Rome, Corinth and Ephesus, it strikes me that the Christians of the first generation had a faith that was assumed to be able to withstand temptation. In my own experience, it seems that Christians today assume we can't withstand temptation, that none of us has the moral fortitude to do so.
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  • From Under the Acacias:
    ....pastor Suley wanted to baptise Yusuf, but his denomination wouldn't baptise polygamists. They insisted that only the first wife was truly the man's wife, and that he should get rid of any subsequent ones.
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  • From Postscript Posthaste on children at the Lord's Table.
    The age of a child being admitted to the Lord’s Table will differ. Some children will be older...some younger. Much of the decision with regard to timing will be in the hands of the father as he discerns his child’s faith and the elders as they question both the child and the father’s decision to bring the child. If a child shows a love for church, knowledge of personal sin, belief in God, and faith in Christ, they have discerned the body and should not be turned away.
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  • From Reformation Theology, the new blog of
    God ordains both the ends and the means. The ends are His chosen sheep who will hear Christ's voice. The means are prayer, and the preaching of the Gospel to all. And all who are ordained to eternal life will believe.
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  • From La Shawn Barber's Corner:
    Unbelievers (and not a few Christians) may scoff at us for taking The Da Vinci Code phenomenon so seriously. But pop culture is powerful, and although we surely have more productive things to do, setting the record straight and offering a reasoned defense of the faith and correcting historical inaccuracies are also important, even when the subject is fiction.
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    Yes, the photo above was taken from my front door this morning. Will it last? Maybe, but there's a possibility it'll melt, too.
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