Tuesday, November 22

KFAW and the CC

Two items on the agenda this morning:

  • For the few who didn't come here from Challies.com, I have very exciting news: I've been named King for a Week over at Tim's place, which, as everyone knows, is a real honor. The crown is just a little heavy, and people look at me as if I were a little strange when I wear it in the grocery store, but the kind words from Tim about my blog make up for those small inconveniences.

  • In all your excitement at my coronation, don't forget that tonight (November 22), midnight EST, is the deadline for entries to this week's Christian Carnival. Submit your entry to ChristianCarnival [ATT] gmail [DOTT] com. Include
    • The name of your blog
    • The URL of your blog
    • The title of your post
    • The URL of your post
    • A short description of the post
    • The trackback link if you have one

    Then look for your entry in tomorrow's (November 23) carnival at Thought Renewal. You'll find more complete information on the Christian Carnival here.

    Now I'm off to put my royal seal in the sidebar......
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