Thursday, November 3

November's Theme: Thankfulness

I'm thankful for my two prayer sisters, who are praying faithfully for me and for my kids. Today we had coffee so that we could get into the specifics of the things we need prayer for.

I'll add one more thing, too. Can you intuit through your browser that I'm not a naturally hugging sort of person? But you know what? I'm thankful for those who are less reluctant to initiate hugs than I am.

Julana's already been here to add her thankful thing for the day. She's thankful for a good deal on a quilt.
Today I went to Penneys outlet looking for a queen-sized quilt. Every quilt in the store had been marked down to $20 for a weekend sale that started yesterday. I got a new quilt for $20 that was originally $160.
I'd call that God's gracious provision, wouldn't you?

[Update: Carla is thankful for her grandpa. Take tissues to this one.

Kim is "grateful for words of encouragement that seem to come at just the right time."

Violet is thankful for a body that usually works without pain.
I have, in the last few days, developed an exquisitely tender left shoulder (bursitis, I think), which makes it painful to do things I normally take for granted - like getting dressed, tying my shoes - even typing! So today I am thankful for a body that usually works without pain. I am getting a small glimpse of how difficult life with permanent disabilities must be and how my 'style' would be crimped if this condition were permanent!]

What are you thankful for? Tell us in comments, or post it in your own blog and send me the link. Don't be shy, and don't think anything is too small to be thankful for! Small mercies count just as much as big ones.

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