Saturday, October 29

Round the Sphere Again

  • This week's Christian Carnival can be found at White Ribbon Warriors.

  • On the church father's view of justification from Historia Ecclesiastica:
    It is a commonplace to argue that the Pauline doctrine of justification by faith alone was immediately lost to the church at the end of the Apostolic era. Such is not the case, though.
    Read the rest.

  • What must a true believer understand about Christ? Agonizomai tackles this question in The Fundamentals - Christ.

  • From the Founders Ministries Blog:
    Christians sometimes debate the propriety of exposing the public errors of others. After all, love covers a multitude of sin and keeps no record of wrongs. Isn't it at least, then, unloving to call attention to the theological foibles of others? I do not think so, although I do think it can be a dangerous task.
    Read all of Why point out attacks on truth?

  • Kim of Hiraeth considers the fall in Far As the Curse is Found.
    There is no indication in scripture that Adam struggled with the temptation. It could not be for hunger's sake that he so quickly received the forbidden fruit from the outstretched hand of his wife, for he had been given abundant food from every tree in the garden except one. There seems to be no concern or conflict of the heart in his fall, nor even remembrance of God's admonition...

  • Real Clear Theology Blog quotes Carson and Moo on New Perspectivism.

  • Allthings2all on The Meaning of Success:
    Doing my best with what I have, being true to the higher call, and knowing that I cannot measure the real value of my achievements - that is success.

  • What is a gracious person like? A Place For the God-Hungry helps answer that question: Ten Characteristics of a Gracious Person.
    [HT: Transforming Sermons.]
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