Sunday, October 30

Most Humiliating Church Moments

Tim's asking.'s one. It involves my oldest child. (Don't most of our embarrassing moments involve our children?) She was two-ish--a very early talker, extremely energetic, and a handful to keep still and quiet in church. This particular morning she was sitting with Grandma during the sermon, and in answer to Grandma's whispered question about what that was on the end of granddaughter's finger, she answered quite forcefully, "It's snot!"

That would have been embarrassing enough all on it's own; however, the moment she chose to shout her answer also happened to be the preacher's pregnant pause after making a strong affirmative statement. So he said, in effect, "This is really so!" and she piped out, "It's snot!"

The preacher, by the way, didn't miss a beat. He responded, "Even though a voice from the congregation disagrees," and went right on with his sermon.

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