Monday, November 7

November's Theme: Thankfulness

Today I'm thankful that I'm motivated to clean my basement. I'm not like Kim in ON, who sees things that need to be done and does them. I see things that need to be done, and think of excuses to avoid them. So when I get the urge to tackle a big job, I'm thankful for it.

David Fisher is
grateful for the many, many friends that God has brought into my life over these 60 years. What a group of unique, special people who the Lord has used to minister to me time and time again! Thank you, Lord!

[Update: Kim is thankful for her husband, who reminds her that sometimes it's okay just to leave things.

Julana is thankful for people like David Fisher, who works with mentally challenges adults. She is also thankful for old hymns and public libraries.]

Want to add to the list? Tell us what you're thankful for in the comments, or post it in your own blog and send me the link. Don't be shy, and don't think anything is too small to be thankful for! Small mercies count just as much as big ones.

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