Saturday, December 17

Favorite Ornaments 1

Sallie's showing her ornaments, so I thought I'd share a few of my favorites, too.

This is our top of the tree angel. It was made by youngest daughter when she was in grade 2. It came to us just in time to replace oldest daughter's exquisitely crafted toilet paper roll snowman, which had been lost in the tragic puppy chewing incident of 1990.

The sons pretend to despise this ornament, and every year they threaten to feed it to the dog, too. The only thing that keeps them from carrying out their threats is that they'd be responsible for constructing another top-of-the-tree stunner to replace it.

Update: Carla has birds, birds, and more birds on her tree because she and her husband are birders.

Kim of Hiraeth posts pictures of some of her precious child produced ornaments.

Got favorite ornaments? Describe them or photograph them and I'll link in these Favorite Ornaments posts. Just give me the URL in the comments or by email.