Sunday, January 29

Blackout Supper

I was just about to post the Sunday hymn when the electricity went off. It stayed off all afternoon and through supper time. The sons took a spare Kielbassa sausage from the fridge, cut it up and roasted it like hotdogs in the fireplace. They said is was delicious.

I'm not much of a Kielbassa fan, so I concocted a plan to use an old tin can to heat up some of the chili I made yesterday. Just as I was ready to start the big chili heat up, the electricity came back on, so I opted for the stove top instead.

We were having so much fun sitting by the fireplace in the candlelight that we talked about just sitting there for a while after the lights came back, but then we remembered that there was a Raptors game on. We were just in time to see the Raptors beat the Kings in overtime. Gotta watch all you can of those winning game, since they come so rarely.

Some people don't have power back yet, and while it's not as cold as it was, it's too cold to go for long without any heat at all.

I hoped to post a very belated Round the Sphere Again up this afternoon, since I've collected some good links over the past week, but I think that'll have to wait until tomorrow. Answering email will have to wait, too. (And no, Matt, I didn't get the mail from you yet, but I'm betting on tomorrow for that as well.)

I did get a lot of reading done, though, so all is not lost.

My daughter's boss was told that the power outage was caused by something major--in other words, it's not just an electrocuted raven--and we may have rotating power here for a while. Maybe I'll just post this right now to make sure it gets posted before we lose power again.

Update, 1/30: Here's a news story on the Great Blackout of '06.

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