Wednesday, January 4

Round the Sphere Again

  • Want to read from this week's Christian Carnival? You'll find it posted here at Miserere Mei.

  • As part of his ongoing series on Theories of Knowledge and Reality , Parableman posts two on the Cosmological Argument for the existence of God: Cosmological Argument and Cosmological Argument: Objections.

    You'll find links to all 19 posts in the series so far here. Be educated!

  • As part of his scripture memorization program, James White posts a little goody on the meaning of theopneustos.

  • Check out Bugblaster's post (He's Kim's husband, you know!) about his Great-Great-Great-Great-Grandma. Perhaps you thought Canadian history was boring. Neil's story proves otherwise. It also proves that our forebears have a lot to teach us.
    Things may be bad for us. They may be horrific. We may be in pain and our world may be shattered, with no hope in sight. But though we can't always see it, and though we don't always understand, God will be faithful. You'd be hard pressed to describe a life more scarred by sorrow and hardship than Mary Sitt's. Yet she chose to love and trust God and to keep His commandments. My children are still reaping what Mary Sitts sowed.

  • And just for fun, google something and look at the logo. (I found this on Ian's desk. I'll let him explain the reason for that logo.)
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